Top Issues Projects Face

California has had its share of challenges on large, multiyear projects that have not gone as planned. Project failures or delays result in constituents not getting the services they deserve, higher overall costs, and increased public scrutiny. Therefore, the California Department of Technology led an effort to better understand the top risks that were tripping up a number of the State’s IT projects. Several reoccurring issues were identified as themes in California’s troubled projects. These common themes for project failure were dubbed “The Dirty Dozen.”

  1. Contract management and vendor negotiations
  2. Data conversion and migration
  3. Governance and sponsorship
  4. Interface planning and implementation
  5. Organizational change management
  6. Quality assurance and quality control
  7. Release management
  8. Requirements definition and management
  9. Risks and issues
  10. Schedule
  11. Testing
  12. Architecture planning