The California Project Management Framework (CA-PMF) was designed to be scalable for IT projects of all shapes and sizes, and also to be adaptable and intuitive for those who use it. Join the project management practitioners who have experienced the CA-PMF’s modern layout, easy-to-use tools and templates, and comprehensive project management guidance. Read what state practitioners are saying about the CA-PMF.

Bertha Garza

Bertha Garza, PMP
Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management
Section Manager
California Department of Motor Vehicles

I would rate the new CA-PMF as a ‘10’!

Because the new CA-PMF has been completely rewritten and the tools and templates provided, I feel that I can put aside my PMBOK and focus on what has been delivered through the new California PMO!

The CA-PMF has been created with a standard structure throughout the document that is easy to read and understand by Project Managers of all levels. Throughout the document, there are easy to understand ‘Inputs and Outputs’ tables, examples provided, and clear explanations of project management techniques. The framework also includes awesome color-coded ‘Call Out’ boxes. For instance, some of these ‘Call Out’ boxes allow you to thumb through sections quickly to assist with identifying when to use certain tools according to the complexity of a project. Other ‘Call Out’ boxes provide web links, identify the skill needed to complete certain tasks, and identify recommended practices.

The State of California now has a project management framework that works for all levels of projects and Project Managers. It was written and reviewed by staff with project management experience and it shows! Overall, I would rate the new CA-PMF as a ‘10’!

CA-PMF definitely achieves its stated goal “to provide California organizations with a solid foundation for project success!”

The CA-PMF provides a well written, easy-to-understand project management framework for CA State Government IT practitioners. The framework is a practical guide, based on industry standards and best practices, for project teams throughout the project management life cycle, and it’s packed full of thoughtful discussions, relevant examples, and clear explanations of project management techniques. It even provides scalable tools and templates that are malleable for projects of various sizes and complexity and are useful to project managers of all levels and experiences.

Best of all, the CA-PMF has been vetted by and updated with suggestions from experienced CA State IT professionals, so it provides guidance and insight on project management methodologies that are backed by practical, real life experience. CA-PMF definitely achieves its stated goal “to provide California organizations with a solid foundation for project success!”

Jim Wang

Jim Wang
DWR IT Customer Relations Manager, Project Manager
Division of Technology Services
California Department of Water Resources

Jean Fredericks and Paula Adams
Director, Technology Planning and Decision Support Bureau and
Assistant Director, Planning and Project Oversight Bureau
Franchise Tax Board

The CA PMF is a well written, easy-to-follow guide for project managers, sponsors and other stakeholders. It provides useful insights into project management methods, and includes a large collection of sample documents from successful projects. Both new and experienced project staff will find value in the CA-PMF materials.

This site is very helpful in tying industry best practices with the state’s project approval process. Our project sponsors and partners will have a better understanding of why we do what we do.

Project Management Practitioner
State Water Resources Control Board