About Us

The California Project Management Office (CA-PMO) serves as the enterprise project management office for the State of California with a mission to improve the successful delivery of state initiatives and projects. The CA-PMO provides high-quality services, resources, education, and training in the area of project management that is based on proven best practices and lessons learned contextualized for California. The CA-PMO is divided into four key areas:

  • Service Delivery – Provides direct project management services and consulting services.
  • Resources & Tools – Develops best practice-based frameworks, templates, and tools. (The CA-PMF and its associated content was developed by the Resources & Tools Section of the CA-PMO.)
  • Training & Education – Develops training courses and educational content in support of improving practitioners’ understanding of project management techniques.
  • Communication & Collaboration – Provides forums for knowledge sharing for practitioner communities.

For more information visit the CA-PMO website at: https://cdt.ca.gov/services/ca-pmo/